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Asylum North Studios is proud to feature our brand new endeavor, Asylum Art by Vikki

Vikki has found her passion, and is going strong! She has all kinds of great stuff that she has made, and is currently in the middle of right now, and the sizes vary from 6"x 8" in ceramic, to 15"x 30" in canvas, with more size variations to come. She is also making fluid art necklaces as well, which are really awesome too! We are working toward making it so you can buy Vikki's art right here on! Check back for updates, and thank you!!

hey you...

check out the


youtube channel!

As I continue to improve my video making & editing techniques, we'll just keep getting better and better, so thank you for all of the support! Plenty more to come, so keep watching! 

Click HERE to see THP on YouTube!

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